Testing solution lineup


  • Concept


    TestShell / CloudShell (QualiSystems Inc., USA) is a platform to realize multi-vendor network / infrastructure test automation and LaaS (Lab as a Service).

    [TestShell]Test automation
    Create a test automation program without programming, using the visual studio editor

    [CloudShell]LaaS(Lab as a Service)
    Maximize cost savings by maximizing laboratory resources, sharing expensive equipment, and minimizing the time spent setting up laboratory resources.

  • Use


    [TestShell]Test automation
    Reporting & Database
    The test result is centrally managed by the server and compared with the past data and analyzed

    [CloudShell]Self Service Portal
    Provide LaaS that can be controlled from WEB GUI with global access 24/7 for local and remote users. Implementation of TestShell remotely.

    Effective utilization of laboratory assets
    Realize effective utilization of laboratory assets by functions such as advanced resource sharing, conflict management, policy-based provisioning, and scheduling

    By enabling storage and restoration even in a complicated network / infrastructure configuration, we realized a test lab that does not require time-consuming racking, stacking, patching, and provisioning. (In cooperation with layer 1 switch, even physical configuration is supported)