Testing solution lineup


  • Concept


    eggPlant Functional (TestPlant, UK) automates the operation of any device, including mobile, tablet, desktop, server, IoT device, in the same way as users do by looking at the screen.
    It uses image retrieval and OCR engine to locate and drive in a development language and platform independent way.
    By combining with the KVM over IP product with the VNC server, it is possible to automate the GUI test without adding any modification (including installing the VNC server) on the software stack to be tested.

  • Use


    · Test automation of Android / iPhone application which does not require JailBreak or routing
    · Test automation of consumer / enterprise desktop applications
    · Automate all test & operation using GUI
    · Service monitoring at the application layer (the same perspective as the user)

  • Function


    · Test automation of Android (ADB) / iOS (Xcode) device
    · Automated test by VNC / RDP connection
    · Script generation by operation record
    · Easy and flexible scripting with sensetalk (language)