Testing Solutions

Third-party verification up to the field of automation.
Provide services that consistently covers test design to test execution.

In recent years, all kinds of devices are equipped with software and have various functions including mutual communication, due to high speeds large capacity of communication, miniaturization,high performance of computers. As a result, it will be possible to develop highly convenient products and services, while simultaneously requiring dramatically higher quality and security levels for complex software and devices.

Also, changes in development methods such as agile and extreme programming have also influenced what is required for verification and testing.

Amidst such social change, automation in the test is not saying "If it is possible to do it", "If the project does not work, the project does not turn, the number of steps is insufficient, can not bear the cost reduction demand" we think that it is becoming an essential element.

Therefore, we focus on test automation in the field of third party verification, and provide services that consistently cover test design to test execution.

Consulting service

  • Test design
    Building a test design process with various practical methods based on ISO 29119

    Test automation
    Investigation of the possibility of automation to the current test case and difficulty level to cover proposal of tools and methods for automation

Introduction service

  • Corresponds to environment creation and test script creation work required when introducing TestShell / CloudShell, eggPlant Functional, or other test automation tools including OSS
    (Case study: TestShell / CloudShell, eggPlant Functional, AutoTester, Selenium, Jmeter, etc ...)

Operation support

  • · Test execution
    · Test design execution