ADOC Repair Service

We will repair the communication equipment in the house,
for the telecommunications carrier.

We can flexibly handle small to large quantities.
Please feel free to contact us.


Service overview:

■Target items:
Small communication devices such as optical network units and home modems
■Basic package:
-Operation check / cleaning / regeneration (seal removal) / sticker sticking / individual packing / Bulk delivery by pallet flight
-Create stickers, rewrite defective software,
 Hardware repair (re-soldering, parts replacement, etc.)
■Standard turnaround time:
-2 weeks


-Shortening turnaround time.
-Establishing a process for quality improvement by collecting failure information and analyzing the cause.

Please contact us!

When you sell a product to a Japanese carrier or vendor, are you having trouble dealing with problems during the RMA period?
-For repairs that require communication with the country where the factory is located, it is required to shorten the turnaround time, but it is difficult to handle.