IT Infrastructure

Service overview

For over 20 years, ADOC International, who has been engaged in domestic and overseas infrastructure construction and telecommunications business, will build servers and network with customers' viewpoints and actual viewpoints of actual use. We can handle a wide range from large-scale construction such as network construction of major mobile carriers, to medium- and small-sized enterprises' medium and small scale construction.

  • 【Design】


    At the design stage we are designing wireless neighbor design (handover), scale design, WAN line examination, consideration of communication targeted for QoS, security policy examination, equipment selection, sizing and so on.

  • 【Build】


    At the construction stage, we are doing 4 projects from the design stage at the design stage, building WAN, designing wired / wireless LAN, and speeding up the trunk line from already designed projects.

  • 【Adjustment】


    In the adjustment stage, BTS field adjustment (remote support), VPN construction adjustment, CPE construction / setting are performed.

  • 【Maintenance】


    At the maintenance and maintenance stage, we are dealing with BTS / RNC software version UP / DOWN compliant, station data creation, BTS operator support, IAS-Pool address compatible with BAS version UP, FW setting addition support.

  • 【Operation】


    In operation, we perform NW equipment remote monitoring, carrier line fault isolation, relay equipment rushing maintenance, MSC operation and maintenance work, BTS rushing maintenance and BTS troubleshooting user call center work.

Technical area

In ADOC International, engineers who hold vendor / national qualifications centered on Land Special Radio Engineer, IP based Cisco systems (CCNA, CCNP, etc.) or equivalent skills honored the customer's perspective is.

【Corresponding technology: wireless】

Involved in radio technologies such as LTE, HSPA +, CDMA 2000 (Rev 0 · Rev A), IMT 2000 and so on.

【Corresponding technology: IP】


Layer 3, 4: IP (IPv4, IPv6), L2 switching, L3 routing, NAT, QoS, IP - VPN, IP - sec load distribution, bandwidth control, attack detection, WAN acceleration, TCS, LSN (Large - Scale - Nat ) And mainly covers layers 1 to 4.

【Proven equipment: wireless】

IP-RNC(IMT2000)、ATM-RNC(IMT2000)、ATM-BTS(IMT2000/cdma2000)、 IP-BTS(IMT2000)、MSC(IMT2000/cdma2000)、xGNS、EMX、NEAX61、Σ

【Proven equipment: IP】

Router, Switch, IPS, Firewall, Loader-balancer, UTM, bandwidth control device, UTM, Broadband Access Server (BAS) ATM-Switch, DSLAM, Transmission device, Modem

Business scope