Privacy Policy

Capter1. Gernral provisions

Article1. Purpose
ADOC International Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information Observe laws and other standards concerning the protection of personal information, which defines the policy below for the handling of personal information, appropriate management and appropriate protection will practice.

Article2. Education
We will provide necessary education to employees engaged in business handling personal information.

Capter2. Handing personal information

Article3. Collection of personal information
(1) When collecting personal information, explicitly indicate purpose of use and gather with consent from the person himself.
In the case of acquiring personal information other than the above, we will notify you by publishing purpose of use in advance.
However, this term is not applicable when accrediting that the purpose of use is obvious only from the acquisition situation.
(2) We will not collect other personal information about purpose of use.
(3) We do not use collected personal information for purposes other than purpose of use.

Article4. Maintenance of personal information
(1) We will establish a person in charge of personal information management regarding personal information and manage it properly so as not to leak personal information.
(2) With respect to personal information, in the case where there is a request for information disclosure, correction or deletion from the principal of said information, the case where the principal can be confirmed based on objective facts such as qualification possessed by the claimant and the contents of said request Will only disclose, correct or delete such information without delay, only when it matches objective facts.
(3) We will not conduct disadvantageous handling because we requested disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information.
(4) We will make efforts to inform the person concerned about the information concerning the handling related to disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information.

Article.5 Outsourcing
We may disclose personal information to external consignees within the scope of the purpose of use. When consigning the handling of personal information to the outside, we will manage it so that it can be handled appropriately even at the contractor by concluding a confidentiality obligation contract.

Article6. Disposal of personal information
When we discard personal information, we will discard it so that it is not exposed to the eyes of a third party. (Use of a shredder in a paper medium, erasing / destruction in an electronic medium, etc.).

Article7. Complaints and consultation processing
Regarding personal information, if there is a complaint or consultation request from the principal concerning the information concerned, the person in charge of personal information handling appropriately in good faith.